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February 16, 2024

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Le Huppé - Condos locatifs haut de gamme

During periods of intense cold, our energy resources are put to the test. At Immostar, we understand the importance of our tenants' involvement and support in reducing our overall ecological footprint.

When weather conditions are extreme, the demand for energy increases, which can compel Hydro-Québec to import more costly and less environmentally friendly energy. However, thanks to the active commitment of our tenants, we manage to alleviate this pressure, especially when energy demand is at its peak.

By adapting our consumption habits, we work together to significantly reduce our ecological footprint and notably enhance the energy performance of our buildings.

Here are some of the actions we implement on a daily basis:

  • Regulating heating in common areas

  • Limiting heating in indoor parking lots

  • Inspecting circuit breakers and heat losses to optimize energy efficiency

By choosing to live in our innovative projects, our tenants contribute to a collective effort to improve our common quality of life. That's why Immostar wishes to express its deep gratitude to its tenants for their valuable collaboration in this important environmental initiative.

We firmly believe that every small gesture counts in preserving our planet.

WELL, even better than good!

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