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April 29, 2022

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Un nouveau record atteint pour la septième édition de la Cellule, permettra à la Fondation du Chu de Québec d’acquérir une imagerie PINPOINT pour la chirurgie colorectale.

A new record reached for the seventh edition of the Cellule, will allow the Fondation du Chu de Québec to acquire PINPOINT imaging for colorectal surgery.

It was in a festive atmosphere that the Cocktail La Cellule, presented by Desjardins, brought together more than 500 guests from the young business community of Quebec City on January 23. This event enabled the Fondation du CHU de Québec to be given the record sum of $215,000 for the benefit of colorectal surgery at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval. We are proud to have Kevin Lachance, our vice-president of finance and investments and Immostar partner, from this group of philanthropic young people from the Fondation du CHU de Québec.

The quality of the event and its participants made this Cocktail an unmissable evening. It enabled young philanthropists to donate a sum never equaled in previous editions. Thus, the colorectal surgery unit of the Saint-François d’Assise hospital operating room will have the opportunity to make the first Canadian acquisition of PINPOINT imaging.

To improve the treatment process

Proceeds from the evening will contribute to the first Canadian acquisition of PINPOINT fluorescence endoscopic imaging. Currently, more than 750 patients, 250 of whom have rectal cancer, are treated each year. This innovative preoperative imaging technology will allow surgeons treating patients with colorectal cancer to assess and ensure proper perfusion of the intestinal segments that will be reconnected. This will reduce the risk of anastomotic leakage. More than 10% of surgeries for this type of cancer cause such leaks that can cause death. This is why this complication remains the most feared after colorectal surgery.

The goal is always to provide human support that takes into account the expectations, questions, fears and apprehensions of the patient and thus to establish a bond of trust with him that will facilitate his passage through these often difficult times.

The cell allows to contribute to expose the needs of the chosen cause each year

Nearly seven years ago, the CHU de Québec Foundation set up an expert networking group of dynamic and committed young professionals called the Cell. Its mission: to promote the CHU de Québec Foundation and make its leading role known through the young business community of the Québec region in order to allow the realization of ambitious projects.

Its field of action: to implement targeted requests from medical units and departments. To do this, La Cellule annually chooses an orphan cause in the field of health from among various proposals submitted by the CHU de Québec-Université Laval and raises the sums of money necessary for its accomplishment. His approach: encourage participation by organizing unifying, innovative and unique activities!

Thus La Cellule contributes to making the health care provided to patients more humane, improves the comfort of the latter in hospital environments and/or facilitates the acquisition of highly technological equipment in the care units.

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